Thursday, September 15, 2011

Home Base

Have you seen the Oxford Study that states:

Reading books is the only out-of-school activity for 16-year-olds that is linked to getting a managerial or professional job in later life. 

This study included all out of school activity, including sports,
musical instruments, socializing, etc. The study concludes
that by age 33 there is no correlation between any extra-curricular
activity and salary, just the type of job opportunities that are available.
The study also goes on to say:

 ‘According to our results there is something special about reading for pleasure. The positive associations of reading for pleasure aren't replicated in any other extra-curricular activity, regardless of our expectations.’

Obviously, we don't read because of this study, but it is comforting 
to know that reading is a wise investment. 

The library is our reading, music and movie home base.
 We can pick out fiction, non-fiction, biographies, poetry,
 fairy tales, myths, fantasy, geography, art, mysteries, history,
geography, sports, cookbooks and more. We add movies and
 music to enhance whatever theme we are currently interested in 
or are required to study. The only thing we need is a library card.
And because we aren't worried about a budget, we have books in
almost every room of our house, on virtually every subject.

The library ~ beauty for the brain:

The Oxford study also talks about reading for pleasure and how
you can't duplicate the joy it brings with any other activity. I personally
know this to be true of the time spent reading alone or reading aloud
to my children ~ we go on adventures without ever leaving the house.

Our favorite family read aloud, The Wouldbegoods, is so endearing
that after reading it for the xxxxteenth time, my oldest son said,
"I hope I can meet Oswald in Heaven someday."
Now that is a great read.   

When you read, especially for pleasure ~ particularly if you broaden
your horizons and select great reads outside of your comfort zone, 
sincere learning occurs and your vocabulary flourishes.
 Also a benefit for childrenAll because of the library.

Is the library your media home base?

Do you find that the library allows you to venture into new reads
and music and movies you otherwise wouldn't?
What is your take on the Oxford study?

xoxo Michele

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Lula said...

I always loved reading, since I could read :) Me and my sis Laura always read just like my parents and we're well rounded and articulate (humble? me?) but my youngest siblings didn't even want to touch a book, I don't know why! Maybe because their parents and older sisters did and they needed to be the exact opposite? I don't know, but you can totally tell the difference. That, and my parents didn't disciplined them as much as they did us, and that brough it's ugly consecuences, but that's another subject!

I remember I recommended you the book "Think Big" by Ben Carson.

Ben Carson was the second son of a single mom who worked two jobs. But she make the best desicion to her kids' lives: she forced them to read two books a week and write a report aside from school work. The kids hated it, but she didn't give in. Soon, Ben knew much more than his classmates and his science teacher saw this and put him on special projects. long story short, he was poor, but ended up getting full scholarships for college!!
Now he is a neuro surgeon incredibly talented on brain tumors and makes millions!! All because his mom forced him to read!!!!!