Thursday, September 15, 2011

Harmony of Autumn

So excited for Fall ~ I feel like Maria in the Sound of Music!

I'll be offline for the next several days week 
enjoying every minute of outside.

Friday will be full of this:

The biggest Boise State Fans in North Carolina Party!
Boise State movie at the library, just click Out of the Blue.
Carmine's family style cookbook, at your library, click here.
Great party time s'mores book, from your library, click here.

Saturday morning highlights:

Every day should begin with Summit Coffee and Tea.
My favorite book recommended by Summit Owner, Mr. Helfrich, at your library, click here
Davidson Lands Conservancy: Green Day ~ Run For Green
Book mentioned by DLC is at the library: Last Child in the Woods .
Photo Taken By/Of Davidson Farmer's Market
Favorite green collections from the library, click here and here.

Saturday afternoon bliss:

Party at the Nester's!
One of her favorite design books, at your library, click here.
Shopping with Arielle!
Check out this collection before you shop; at your library, click here.
Nick's Football Game ~ Our favorite football collection from the library, click here.

            Saturday Night Spectacular:

All Photos Taken By Cub Pack 58
Our favorite Scout books at the library, click here.

Sweet Sunday Morning Grace:

Walking to church as a family - now that alone is a gracious gift.
Our favorite faith collection: at your library, click here.
Lake Forest Church of Davidson, Pastor Michael Flake.
Pastor Flake loves this author; his books can be found at your library, click here.
Come join us, Sunday mornings at 9:30 and 11 am.

Lazy Sunday afternoon:

Knitting with Arielle - Kid's Knitting book from the library, find it here.
Drinking sweet tea and listening to
The Band Perry, also from the library, find here and here.
Sweet tea recipe books can be found at the library, click here.

Sunday sunset with girlfriends in real life. 
And not (shout out to Sarah Jessica Parker)

Photos courtesy of Our Town Cinemas
Movie is based on this fabulous book, which you can find at the library, click here.
Great pizza from the Brickhouse Tavern.
Fabulous wine and seating at Our Town Cinemas, Davidson.

The real reason I need to take some time off?
Over the next few days I'll be reading these:

Read these books and more ~ at your library: Sebastian Junger prepare for an evening at Davidson College, listening
 to him give the Reynolds Lecture,

" The Front Lines of History: Twenty Years of Reporting from Around the World"                                           

Yes, I'll be asking him what he liked to read as a child/teen. My friends
 will pretend they don't know me for a few minutes and then all will
be forgiven and forgotten. Because they are awesome like that. 

What do you have planned for this fall-abulous weekend?
Theater? Sports? Camping? Movies? Concerts? Museums?
A (friendly) lecture at your local college?

The library has the media to make your life experiences
more meaningful. Visit them today!

Back in a week! Or sooner. 
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xoxo Michele

1 comment:

{darlene} said...

goodness! what a schedule!
thought of you a zillion times today... I think I drove through your neck of the woods, and was tempted to stop by??? in any case, we had 11 hours left to go, and pressed on.
my butt is tired.
I worked, but I should have read a good book....

would have loved to join you at the signing party. too much fun!