Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Emerald City

I am the luckiest girl in the world. Really. While my children are in
school, I babysit two angelic spirits that love the library
as much as I do. We picnic on the green whenever the weather
cooperates; and this is the South so it's as good natured as its folk.
 When finished, we go in and pick out collections.

Like this:
Read: The Wizard of OZ
Listen: Wicked 4 Kids
Cook: Fairy Tale Feasts

Read: The Wizard of OZ

For my children, I bring home gifts 
that support the Wizard of OZ theme. 

Arielle adores Ozma Of OZ. 
Nick enjoys the graphic novel,
The Adventures of OZ.
And John-John?
I hope you guessed Tom and Jerry. 
The Lost Princess of OZ
The Road to OZ
Ozma of OZ
The Emerald City of OZ
The Adventures of OZ
Tom and Jerry &The Wizard of OZ
The Muppets Wizard of OZ

I heart maps. One of my favorite things about the Map of Oz
is you find The Emerald City right in the middle.
It made sense to me as a child ~ and it comforted me.


The Library is the Emerald City of the Marvelous Land of Earth.
You find it in the center of most towns, as it should be.

And it can set your children's imagination
on an endless yellow brick road of learning.

September is Library Card Sign Up Month

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xoxo Michele


theelfqueen said...

I love Ozma! I love all things Oz! I read the first two oz books aloud to my kids earlier this year. (I got the complete works of L Frank Baum on my Nook!) Such good stuff. We're still working on Anne of Green Gables right now -- I think we're going to read Farmer in the Sky as our next bedtime book, they deserve something all boy after the girliness of Anne! We just finished listening to "The Best Halloween Ever" by Barbara Robinson -- do you remember the Best Christmas Pagaent ever? GREAT stuff.

the cul-de-sac said...

Again, such wonderful recommendations. As you know, my oldest and I read a chapter a night of the Wizard of Oz this summer. Your suggestions will be excellent follow-ups, especially as we prepare for an Oz-themed Halloween in our household! :) Thanks!

theelfqueen said...

UPDATE for you! The library website underwent a significant overhaul last week. I decided to make another try at lunch ideas. Keywords Lunch+Box continue to turn up NOTHING. But keyword "lunchbox" got me a few options! WOOHOO!
Adventures in lunch continue! Today my six year old ATE HIS WHOLE LUNCH!!!

Michele said...

My fave CDS, a Wizard of OZ them for Halloween - loving the idea myself!! You and your daughter will love the Ozma series - even more books available than what I posted. The illustrations are divine. Truly an unforgetable series.

Merrick, that is awesome news! I bring home cookbooks and mostly we just read them - technically they are books. right? ;)