Wednesday, September 21, 2011

As Easy As ABC

Some days the weather doesn't cooperate with our my plans.

I don't like missing out on library time.

She takes it better than me. After declaring the sun
needed a time out, she mentioned I required one as well.

The next time you're at the library, put together a
rainy day collection, so when the weather needs a break
~ or you do ~
surprising them with a sunny gift like this is as easy
 as ABC:

Taking a rainy day classic like 
The Cat In The Hat
and pairing it with Motown is magical.

A Sesame Street cookbook?
Absolutely Awesome.

The Toddler Teacher DVD's
are sublime.

The Library ~ a rainy-day, time-out miracle.

xoxo Michele


I am LOVD said...

Just listened to Dragon Songs - you mentioned in a post long ago - and LOVED it!!! Thanks so much and keep doing what you're doing.

Michele said...

Isn't Lang Lang dreamy?? My daughter loves the CD - and we have the library to thank for broadening our horizons. Thank you for visiting my blog.

xoxo michele