Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apples to Pies and Tears of Joy in My Eyes

I won't show you my disaster, but Arielle's first pie makes me proud.

Our apple picking adventure started with a drive past Lake Norman.
After getting lost and hours of sobs and swearing...
we found a little slice of paradise. 
Pick your own wasn't possible. Don't ask if I may or may not
have forgotten directions. More crying will ensue.
We brought home fresh honey, jelly, molasses, sweet potatoes
peaches, Asian pears and 1000 lbs of a delicious variety of apples.
Guess what the neighbors, teachers 
and librarians 
will be receiving for Johnny Appleseed Day?   

Four additional favorites celebrating apple picking season
from the library:

The library warmly welcomes us to transform our 
homes into organic schools of wonder ~  
where all 5 senses can be gloriously utilized.

Watch and learn with a hilarious movie.
Listen to music so beautiful you'll cry.
Cook delicious memories in your kitchen. 
Read inspiring, courageous true stories of history. 

Sew the seeds of knowledge, love and joy today.

Visit your library.

xoxo Michele


{darlene} said...

oh, I LOVE johnny appleseed and his story!!!

Michele said...

Hi Dar! Me too! My daughter came home from school today and said no one knew it was his day, except for the teachers. :(

xoxo michele