Friday, September 30, 2011

31 Days of Library Living ~ Medicine For The Soul

Boston Public Library ~ Oldest Library in the United States. 
How I heart the Internet - I can have new friends over for a linky party without having to clean my kitchen. Or cook. Smoochie kisses to Bill Gates and Internet Geeks everywhere! 
And of course, to The Nester for this bloggy bash of bliss, otherwise known as 31 Days. Directly below you will see links to each day of the series and below those links my bloggy purpose for choosing the Library as my topic.

Join me on the endless yellow brick road of learning - the Library!

Day 03: Monday Mornings
Day 04: Access To Knowledge
Day 05: Library Like You Mean It
Day 06: Library Lessons on Pets
Day 07: Library As A Party Planner
Day 08: The Library As Your Halloween Headquarters
Day 09: Enlarging Your Child's World
Day 10: The Magical World of Disney Lives At The Library
Day 11: Spend Less. Share More. Library.
Day 12: The Library Leads To Great Reads
Day 13: Where History Meets The Future
Day 14: Q & A With John The Library Advocate
Day 15: Library Locators
Day 16: Required Reading
Day 17: Shake It Up
Day 18: Look What I Did With A Leaf
Day 19: The Library Leads To Great Reads
Day 20: Learning The Language
Day 21: War And Peace, Library Style 
Day 22: Ticket To Ride
Day 23: Avant Les Film
Day 24: Autumn Song
Day 25: David McCullough
Day 26: The Quiet Teachers
Day 27: Borrow Or Buy
Day 28: Courage To Continue
Day 29: New To You
Day 30: Liberty Is Another Word For Library 
Day 31: Do Not Fear Drawing

Why I Library

~ I'm inspired by reading. I adore the creativity, compassion and courage of others.  
    Especially Librarians. My children have been taught they are superheroes in disguise.
    And they believe me.

~ I'm naturally curious. I want to learn everything I can about the big, beautiful world  
    beyond my doorstep.

~ I believe in Conservation. The library is the pinnacle in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

~ I want my children to witness Learning as a lifelong value. You can Library  
    from the cradle to the grave.      

~ I don't have any financial risk. My reward? Knowledge is gained, horizons are expanded
    and passion is deepened. We bring home media we wouldn't otherwise ~ with no regrets. 

~ Beauty can be borrowed. Remember Cinderella? It's really about the library.    
    That's the story I've told my children and I'm sticking to it. 

The library warmly welcomes us to transform our homes, our lives, into organic schools of wonder.
Arielle as Hedy Lamarr - Hedy was more than just a pretty actress. Inventor Extraordinaire. Find out more by clicking here.   

Whether the children are studying American History at school, 
Nick at the The Capital Building. Don't visit Washington DC without reading this library collection first. 

or the Math Fair that is quickly approaching, 
Joseph D'Agnese's book on Leonardo Fibonacci can be found at your library. Click here for more info.

or my son has discovered his passion for tackle football
Nick's favorite football collection from the library. For more info, click here.

or my daughter and I desire to start a new hobby.

To find out more about this fabulous collection from the library, click here.

The library provides the tools that encourage us to dig deeper.

Watch a magical movie.
Listen to marvelous music.
Cook up delicious memories in the kitchen.
Read anything you desire ~ especially to your children.

Sweet Library! All five senses are gloriously utilized

My current favorite collection:
Watch: Amelie
Listen: Adele

Inspired by Grace Bonney herself. 
To see more of my Beautifully Balanced Collections from the library, click here.

I'm not an expert (I just play one in my head) but I'd love to share how our family has thrived on a diet of Library Living. I hope you'll join me in this 31 Day exercise. 

Yes ~ I view the library as health for the body, mind and soul. 

For thousands of years, generations before us viewed the library the same way. Please join me as we dig deeper during the 31 Days of October. Your participation through comments bring this blog to life, and I would love to visit with you. Why do you Library?


Natalie said...

Wonderful! We Library because in one trip, like ours today, we can bring home- poems in Spanish, a comic strip, two different books about space, all one wants to know about leopard geckos and backyard farming, bible stories for kids to help me answer questions and ideas I haven't answered for myself yet, evidence that boys can do ballet too and heart wrenching, yet beautiful portraits of child laborers during the depression. Best way to learn, search, cry, laugh, reflect and grow, I say. Libraries can't be beat. Ain't it the truth?

Michele said...

Poetry in Spanish ~ must find some of those for the precious 2 year old I babysit! And Leopard Gecko's - that would be awesome. Our library has the coolest selection of Bible Stories ~ it is the first section Arielle goes to each week, to find something new. We picked up a CD yesterday on night songs from around the world, called "Cantilena". It is so beautiful. Thank you for the comment, Natalie!

xoxo michele

DeniseSheets said...

Hi! I am joining in on the 31 days challenge and see you offered to make some buttons for people in another blog- do you still have time for 1 more? I'm pretty new at all this and have NO IDEA how to do this (am worried about figuring out how to link up my blog). My topic is 31 days of Unfogging the Mirror- what else do you need to know to make the button? The topic is really about seeing life clearly and so I'll be talking about all kinds of different things that I want to find clarity in. My blog is (Quiet Shades of Bedlam)

DeniseSheets said...

PS I LOVE the Library and am super SUPER excited for your 31 days!!

I am LOVD said...

I'll be supporting your 31 Days by reading everyday, Michele!!! Good for you, girl. I really didn't discover the library until my son was about 2 years old. All the great programs, all the FREE books and DVD's. I couldn't believe all the resources available to us. It's been a passionate relationship ever since.

Michele said...

Michele, So excited to find a friend to go to the library with virtually! I love it for some of the same reasons...I can find some new recipes for my toddler, figure out how to repair some hardwood floors and escape to some great location in a travel magazine. Looking forward to joining you these 31 days!

Michele said...

Hi Denise! Welcome! I will work on your button tonite - it will be late though, after the kids are sleeping. Happy to help, boy do I remember the terror of blogging in the beginning! I'm really just winging it - and the library has great books on blogging, design, etc. Don't you love those For Dummies books? Do you hide them in your tote like me? ;)

Thank You, LOVD, for all the encouragement ~ it makes me so happy to meet others that love the library too. When I leave there with my books and movies and music and magazines I feel like I've hit the luxury lottery of knowledge. It truly is a gift ~ smooches to Ben Franklin...

Hi Michele! So happy to have found you through Nester ~ and thrilled to have a new library friend as well.

Wishing all of you a fantastic weekend. xoxo michele

Perfect Imperfections said...

Michele, I just became a follower and look forward to you 31 days. I noticed on a comment over at Nesting Place that you would be willing to make a button. If the offer is still opened, I'm trying to get this thing up and running for tomorrow. My landing page is at I would like to use this picture on that post as my button, with the title layed over it. Is that possible? Just let me know. Thanks so much.

Danielle @ Transforming Home said...

There is nothing better than a morning at the library! So many possibilities.
I am also looking to join in on the 31 days and saw you offered to make some it too late to make me one? I will certainly follow your blog and 31 days. My 31 days will be 31 Days to a Happier, Healthier Home.
Thanks a ton!


Michele said...

Hi PI and Danielle - I will see what I can whip this evening after the kids go to bed - this is so much fun, meeting new friends and being creative! I'll do my best.

xoxo michele

christy said...

Yay, I love the library!

Shelley. said...

Libraries rock! My kids and I can't get enough of them. I love them for all the reasons you listed, and because I get the shopper's high without spending any money! And...because I don't have to pace myself through a book to get my money's worth - I can devour 5 in a week and not feel guilty!
I'm doing 31 Days to Inspire a Child...the library will certainly be mentioned. =)

Eat 2gather said...

Yeh! 31 days here we go! What a great start you have!

Hannah said...

Love this idea! My mom is a librarian (started out at a sub, moved onto assistant librarian, and is now the head librarian of our small-town library) so me and my four siblings practically grew up in the library. I sub at the library too and am hoping to someday move up to a position with more hours when my children are older :)

Carly said...

I am a librarian and this brings me such great joy to read. I hope lots of people will read this and realize what a treasure libraries are. Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the library!! And always have. I'm excited for the rest of your 31 days posts! This will be a fun month. I was once mistaken for a librarian.. proud moment! :)

DogsMom said...

I will be following you for sure.
Even with a huge library at home, I still visit public libraries weekly. So much more there than books and music and movies.
Each year I learn more and more that our libraries do for us.

Michele said...

Hi Christy - so glad to meet you! Thank you for the library love and encouragement.

Oh, Shelly. We think alike. I am mentioning you in my Day 2 post.

E2G ~ I love your site - so inspiring in the kitchen.

Hi Hannah! - give your mom a hug from us!

Carly - our family is sending you a bloggy hug! I hope lots of people read this too and start enjoying the benefits of library living.

Eggthoughts - that had to be a proud moment indeed - would love to hear the backstory!

DogsMom - thank you so much for the follow! And thank you for visiting your library - I am with you - always discovering more of what they offer.

Thanks to all of you for the encouragement.

xoxo michele

Sharon said...

I've been in love with reading and the library ever since I can remember! My Mom was a librarian. And when I was a kid, a mobile library came to a park near our apartment where we were read to and could go on the mobile library and check out books. I love to learn and reading is a great way to do it. And it's free!!! My toddler loves the library too. I hope she never loses her excitement of going to the library. I look forward to following you through this series. I am doing a series on 31 (mostly frugal) date night ideas.

Carrie said...

Thanks for stopping by my 31-days series on Finding the Joy and Free Homeschool Resources! I love your Library series! I try to get to the library occasionally, but don't get there often enough. I'm trying to change this though.

Do you have any book recommendations? I'm going to start a reading list of 12 books - one for each month. I have a good list going, but would like some more good options. Thanks! :)

Mimi said...

Love this post and thoughts that inspired you to write on this subject. Whenever I stop by I am always inspired. One of the things most interesting about being part of this 31 day challenge is the need to go deeper. No matter what we may have posted about yesterday, we must go back to that well and come up with something else. You've done that beautifully! Thanks!