Friday, September 30, 2011

31 Days of Library Living ~ Medicine For The Soul

Boston Public Library ~ Oldest Library in the United States. 
How I heart the Internet - I can have new friends over for a linky party without having to clean my kitchen. Or cook. Smoochie kisses to Bill Gates and Internet Geeks everywhere! 
And of course, to The Nester for this bloggy bash of bliss, otherwise known as 31 Days. Directly below you will see links to each day of the series and below those links my bloggy purpose for choosing the Library as my topic.

Join me on the endless yellow brick road of learning - the Library!

Day 03: Monday Mornings
Day 04: Access To Knowledge
Day 05: Library Like You Mean It
Day 06: Library Lessons on Pets
Day 07: Library As A Party Planner
Day 08: The Library As Your Halloween Headquarters
Day 09: Enlarging Your Child's World
Day 10: The Magical World of Disney Lives At The Library
Day 11: Spend Less. Share More. Library.
Day 12: The Library Leads To Great Reads
Day 13: Where History Meets The Future
Day 14: Q & A With John The Library Advocate
Day 15: Library Locators
Day 16: Required Reading
Day 17: Shake It Up
Day 18: Look What I Did With A Leaf
Day 19: The Library Leads To Great Reads
Day 20: Learning The Language
Day 21: War And Peace, Library Style 
Day 22: Ticket To Ride
Day 23: Avant Les Film
Day 24: Autumn Song
Day 25: David McCullough
Day 26: The Quiet Teachers
Day 27: Borrow Or Buy
Day 28: Courage To Continue
Day 29: New To You
Day 30: Liberty Is Another Word For Library 
Day 31: Do Not Fear Drawing

Why I Library

~ I'm inspired by reading. I adore the creativity, compassion and courage of others.  
    Especially Librarians. My children have been taught they are superheroes in disguise.
    And they believe me.

~ I'm naturally curious. I want to learn everything I can about the big, beautiful world  
    beyond my doorstep.

~ I believe in Conservation. The library is the pinnacle in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

~ I want my children to witness Learning as a lifelong value. You can Library  
    from the cradle to the grave.      

~ I don't have any financial risk. My reward? Knowledge is gained, horizons are expanded
    and passion is deepened. We bring home media we wouldn't otherwise ~ with no regrets. 

~ Beauty can be borrowed. Remember Cinderella? It's really about the library.    
    That's the story I've told my children and I'm sticking to it. 

The library warmly welcomes us to transform our homes, our lives, into organic schools of wonder.
Arielle as Hedy Lamarr - Hedy was more than just a pretty actress. Inventor Extraordinaire. Find out more by clicking here.   

Whether the children are studying American History at school, 
Nick at the The Capital Building. Don't visit Washington DC without reading this library collection first. 

or the Math Fair that is quickly approaching, 
Joseph D'Agnese's book on Leonardo Fibonacci can be found at your library. Click here for more info.

or my son has discovered his passion for tackle football
Nick's favorite football collection from the library. For more info, click here.

or my daughter and I desire to start a new hobby.

To find out more about this fabulous collection from the library, click here.

The library provides the tools that encourage us to dig deeper.

Watch a magical movie.
Listen to marvelous music.
Cook up delicious memories in the kitchen.
Read anything you desire ~ especially to your children.

Sweet Library! All five senses are gloriously utilized

My current favorite collection:
Watch: Amelie
Listen: Adele

Inspired by Grace Bonney herself. 
To see more of my Beautifully Balanced Collections from the library, click here.

I'm not an expert (I just play one in my head) but I'd love to share how our family has thrived on a diet of Library Living. I hope you'll join me in this 31 Day exercise. 

Yes ~ I view the library as health for the body, mind and soul. 

For thousands of years, generations before us viewed the library the same way. Please join me as we dig deeper during the 31 Days of October. Your participation through comments bring this blog to life, and I would love to visit with you. Why do you Library?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Living La Vida Library

Oh yeah. I'm crazy. For the library.

The Nester and Melissa from The Inspired Room 
have inspired me to blog for 31 days in October about my
favorite topic. Will you join us?  Share your passion.
To find out more, click here.

Would love for you to follow me to the library! Subscribe 
to my posts by clicking on the link in the upper right column.
Or you can subscribe by email. As Blogger says; it's easy, fast and free!

xoxo Michele

Monday, September 26, 2011


Photo Via

ReadDavidson is a town-wide initiative organized by avid readers,
and my home away from home: the Davidson Public Library
This year's book selection was The Help.

If you live near Davidson, North Carolina, you are invited to attend
a panel discussion led by The Beloved Community

 at Davidson Presbyterian Church on 
Wednesday, September 28th at 7pm.

Discussion will highlight people who have had experience being
the help and those that have had help. Hope to see you there.

For more information on ReadDavidson and their schedule
of events, click here.

If you haven't read The Help, you can find this important novel
at your local library.

xoxo Michele

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apples to Pies and Tears of Joy in My Eyes

I won't show you my disaster, but Arielle's first pie makes me proud.

Our apple picking adventure started with a drive past Lake Norman.
After getting lost and hours of sobs and swearing...
we found a little slice of paradise. 
Pick your own wasn't possible. Don't ask if I may or may not
have forgotten directions. More crying will ensue.
We brought home fresh honey, jelly, molasses, sweet potatoes
peaches, Asian pears and 1000 lbs of a delicious variety of apples.
Guess what the neighbors, teachers 
and librarians 
will be receiving for Johnny Appleseed Day?   

Four additional favorites celebrating apple picking season
from the library:

The library warmly welcomes us to transform our 
homes into organic schools of wonder ~  
where all 5 senses can be gloriously utilized.

Watch and learn with a hilarious movie.
Listen to music so beautiful you'll cry.
Cook delicious memories in your kitchen. 
Read inspiring, courageous true stories of history. 

Sew the seeds of knowledge, love and joy today.

Visit your library.

xoxo Michele

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Riches of Reading Aloud

Reading to your children ~ one of life's greatest gifts.

Just starting out? 
A few of my faves:

Young or old, entire families benefit 
from reading aloud: 


One of these days I will get my act together and do a
post on Greek Myths and why they need to be read.
One of our current favorites:

and don't forget poetry!
Another current fave:

Our current family read:

Looking for more inspiration? Check out my 
from the library.

Another book benefit: 
Classic literature never goes out of style. Children won't know if a book
was written last week or in the past century (or beyond). 
If you haven't read it, it is new to them ~ and you. 
Try doing that with 70's flower jackets and the 80's MC Hammer pants. 

    Me. Weren't the 1970's awesome?                                         You had an MC doll, right?

There is a beautiful, extravagant world waiting for you at the library.

Have a great weekend.

xoxo Michele 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

As Easy As ABC

Some days the weather doesn't cooperate with our my plans.

I don't like missing out on library time.

She takes it better than me. After declaring the sun
needed a time out, she mentioned I required one as well.

The next time you're at the library, put together a
rainy day collection, so when the weather needs a break
~ or you do ~
surprising them with a sunny gift like this is as easy
 as ABC:

Taking a rainy day classic like 
The Cat In The Hat
and pairing it with Motown is magical.

A Sesame Street cookbook?
Absolutely Awesome.

The Toddler Teacher DVD's
are sublime.

The Library ~ a rainy-day, time-out miracle.

xoxo Michele

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Complete Career Companion

Before marriage and children, I sold scores of these for 
a famous company. When they hired me, I didn't have a background
in camera equipment (or LCD projectors, which made up the bulk of
my sales). But the Sales Director asked me a very important question
during our first interview: What are you currently reading?

Well. I rattled off the four great reads displayed in this post; 
two of which he had read and L.O.V.E.D. I was hired.
  On my first official day,
my Sales Director gave me some great advice: 

"Michele, if you read the brochures on these cameras and projectors,
you will become an expert."

 I read them. Front and back. I read the trade publications. I studied
everything I could get my hands on that would prevent me from
looking like a bevis at trade shows and sales presentations. It paid off. 
I was promoted to District Sales Manager within six months. When
you take the time to read, you differentiate yourself
from mostly everyone because mostly everyone doesn't read.

Read: Infinite Jest

It didn't hurt that I was six feet tall and wore a size
six suit. My appearance may have landed a few appointments,
but my product knowledge always made the sale. 

 I'm optomistic that when I return to a career after
my kids have left for college I will find what I want. The
library has allowed me to stay up on current technology,
trends, literature and more. Find out more here on how
to keep your skills sharp while you aren't working.

Read: John F. Kennedy

Are you currently interviewing for a job?

01: Read up on the company. Most have websites and they would be       
     overjoyed if someone was actually reading them. See if you can find 
     info on the person interviewing you (company website or Linkedin, etc.). 
02: Read up on the competition. You will give yourself a priceless gift of  
     confidence during the interview by understanding their work environment,
     or at the very least, being able to ask smart questions.

03: Go to the library. Read 3 current books, periodicals, etc. that focus on
      the industry you are interviewing for. If you can find a biography on 
      someone in that field, even better. Read a few current fiction and
      non-fiction best sellers. Companies adore readers, trust me on this.
04: Send a hand written thank you, after the interview, if you truly want
      the job. And don't forget to say that you want the job. Really. 

The Library: A Complete Career Companion.

xoxo Michele

Monday, September 19, 2011

End of Summer

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

You can find this great series, A Song of Ice and Fire, at your library:

Read: George R.R. Martin's series, A Song of Ice & Fire

Have you seen the amazing HBO Series, A Game of Thrones?
The executive producer is none other than the smoochie David Benioff.

Read: David Benioff's City of Thieves

This exciting read was recommended by a fabulous neighbor friend.
If you haven't read it, stop whatever you're doing and run
to your library and pick it up. Fast paced and unforgettable characters.

Summer may end, but I know a place that specializes
in making time stand still. Visit your library today.

xoxo Michele

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Harmony of Autumn

So excited for Fall ~ I feel like Maria in the Sound of Music!

I'll be offline for the next several days week 
enjoying every minute of outside.

Friday will be full of this:

The biggest Boise State Fans in North Carolina Party!
Boise State movie at the library, just click Out of the Blue.
Carmine's family style cookbook, at your library, click here.
Great party time s'mores book, from your library, click here.

Saturday morning highlights:

Every day should begin with Summit Coffee and Tea.
My favorite book recommended by Summit Owner, Mr. Helfrich, at your library, click here
Davidson Lands Conservancy: Green Day ~ Run For Green
Book mentioned by DLC is at the library: Last Child in the Woods .
Photo Taken By/Of Davidson Farmer's Market
Favorite green collections from the library, click here and here.

Saturday afternoon bliss:

Party at the Nester's!
One of her favorite design books, at your library, click here.
Shopping with Arielle!
Check out this collection before you shop; at your library, click here.
Nick's Football Game ~ Our favorite football collection from the library, click here.

            Saturday Night Spectacular:

All Photos Taken By Cub Pack 58
Our favorite Scout books at the library, click here.

Sweet Sunday Morning Grace:

Walking to church as a family - now that alone is a gracious gift.
Our favorite faith collection: at your library, click here.
Lake Forest Church of Davidson, Pastor Michael Flake.
Pastor Flake loves this author; his books can be found at your library, click here.
Come join us, Sunday mornings at 9:30 and 11 am.

Lazy Sunday afternoon:

Knitting with Arielle - Kid's Knitting book from the library, find it here.
Drinking sweet tea and listening to
The Band Perry, also from the library, find here and here.
Sweet tea recipe books can be found at the library, click here.

Sunday sunset with girlfriends in real life. 
And not (shout out to Sarah Jessica Parker)

Photos courtesy of Our Town Cinemas
Movie is based on this fabulous book, which you can find at the library, click here.
Great pizza from the Brickhouse Tavern.
Fabulous wine and seating at Our Town Cinemas, Davidson.

The real reason I need to take some time off?
Over the next few days I'll be reading these:

Read these books and more ~ at your library: Sebastian Junger prepare for an evening at Davidson College, listening
 to him give the Reynolds Lecture,

" The Front Lines of History: Twenty Years of Reporting from Around the World"                                           

Yes, I'll be asking him what he liked to read as a child/teen. My friends
 will pretend they don't know me for a few minutes and then all will
be forgiven and forgotten. Because they are awesome like that. 

What do you have planned for this fall-abulous weekend?
Theater? Sports? Camping? Movies? Concerts? Museums?
A (friendly) lecture at your local college?

The library has the media to make your life experiences
more meaningful. Visit them today!

Back in a week! Or sooner. 
Please follow me so you won't miss even one post.

xoxo Michele