Tuesday, August 9, 2011

World of Wonder

I don't know what he will ultimately decide to do when
he grows up, but for now we encourage his curiosity
of all things insects and nature.

Also because he is interested in tackle football.
I don't trust the word tackle.

We just read this aloud again, and appreciate
it more every time we revisit Paul and his
father, world famous entomologist
(and considered the father of modern entomology) 
 Henri Fabre.
To view this book as part of a 
Beautifully Balanced Collection, click here.

Our son also L.O.V.E.s this book:
Read: The Frog Scientist.

Can't believe how cute some of these frogs are. Really.
And the book does an amazing job giving insight into the life
of a scientist, both inside the lab and out.
 But it is not for the young children - ages 11+.

I am enjoying this read.

We won't give up television, 
but he has me thinking about why my children
know more about swimming in pools
 than rivers,
 creating Lego structures than tree-houses
and can perceive the unique design of a movie theater
more than a farm.
 We make time each week to hike trails 
around our home and nearby lake,
but we can do more.

I have made peace with the frozen insects
in my freezer, reminding myself that his 
love of nature might someday save it.

The book may inspire you to take your next family vacation
somewhere devoid of parking lots and endless crowds.

 A place like this:
Photo of Tereasa Surratt's Lake Wandawega as posted on The Lettered Cottage. 

Please visit the entire story on lovely Layla's the Lettered Cottage.
It is one of the most beautiful home love stories 
I have ever read. Please just go over there now.
I won't be mad if you leave me for a few minutes.
I am super patient like that. Comes from having kids. 
And you can enter to win a copy of the book, A Very Modest Cottage.

We are blessed to live in an outdoor paradise. If you
are a Davidson (or nearby) resident, consider  
supporting the Davidson Land Conservancy
Their WOW (World of Wonder) program for families,  
a partnership with Woodlands Discovery,
is exceptional. By clicking on
the links above you can learn about upcoming
events and programs that are designed to get you 
out of the house and into the great outdoors.
New River in NC: Second oldest river in the world after the Nile.

"To trace the history of a river or a raindrop
as John Muir would have done, is also to
trace the history of the soul, the history
of the mind descending and arising in the body.
In both, we constantly seek and stumble on divinity..."
                                                                               ~ Gretel Ehrlich

The books above were discovered at our local library.

The library: naturally, diversely, organically beautiful.

What is your favorite out-in-nature memory now
or as a child?

xoxo Michele


Anonymous said...

I love the post and the amazing photos! Thanks for visiting my blog today. Yours is great. Will be back soon.

Lula said...

yes!! I highly recommend the book "Think Big" By Ben Carson.

theelfqueen said...

I am a huge fan of Louv and his ideas! The World Wildlife Federation has some great outdoor programs and ideas for children on their website (also great magazines!

See also, Katrina Kenison's fantastic book about motherhood - "Mittenstrings for God"

theelfqueen said...

As far as favorite outdoor childhood memories -- there are so many!! My family camped a lot when I was a kid and I spent my summer's on my uncle's and grandfather's farms... but honestly - my favorite is probably the ring of trees is a nearby empty lot that my best friend and I made our playhome. I remember the shape of the trees, and the way the sunlight dappled through their leaves, I remember imagining myself far away (I dreamed mostly of Alaska in those days!) ... Great times.

Michele said...

Thank you for the recommendations!! You both make this blog stronger by contributing! I will be looking for the titles above today when I visit the library.

xoxo michele

Anonymous said...

We camped a lot when I was a kid and I was always amazed that my father could name every plant or animal was saw. It was so much fun to walk in the woods with him.

Have you read My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell? It was published in 1956 and it's a delightful memoir of a boy's exploration of the natural world.

Michele said...

Shary, don't you just love how books connect us? Broaden our world? Me too. I did a post on Gerald Durrell last month. It is one of our all time favorite read alouds. It inspired our summer map (which we have sadly neglected the past two weeks). You made me so happy just thinking of Gerald and Roger! You can find the link here:

xoxo michele

JoJoTheModern said...

It is indeed sad that humanity in the Western Civilization has been separated so thoroughly from the very nature we sprang from. It may even be directly related to the restlessness and depression so many of us feel.

My most wonderful nature memory involves the rocks and silent sands of the Mojave Desert, quite possibly the most spiritual place I have ever been blessed to stand within.

Michele said...

Hi JoJo! He mentions that in the book, that our "nature-deficit" has possibly caused multiple problems, including hyperactivity in children and depression in adults. I know that since we have moved to a nature-friendly community (everyone here bikes, walks, runs, etc.) that my moods have improved - and I spend more time outdoors because my neighbors are all outdoors.

The Mojave sounds wonderful! I grew up in Idaho and some of my favorite memories were camping near Garden Valley. So glad that we can carry on similar traditions with our children.

{darlene} said...

love this post!! Summer... you are flying by too quickly!
our favorite nature-time is in our creek. We spend hours there, searching for the next big find.

the cul-de-sac said...

Beautiful post. Your writing and pictures are certainly a good advertisement for visiting NC!

I definitely buy into the "nature deficit disorder" argument because I see the difference, on a micro level, in my own family when we spend the majority of our time outdoors vs. in.

My favorite nature memory as a child is almost identical to elfqueen's: playing and imagining for hours each day on a heavily forested empty lot in my Michigan neighborhood. As an adult: a night experiencing the "Sounds of Silence" in the Australian outback. Amazing.

Michele said...

The Australian outback sounds incredible. Sigh. Someday.