Sunday, August 7, 2011

Viva La Vida

Listen: Coldplay Viva La Vida
Read: House Beautiful Magazine
 When the stunning Michelle of 4 Men 1 Lady
       was sharing library love advice 
     on borrowing House Beautiful magazines
         she sweetly inspired this post.

       Now she can lounge on the couch
        with Bon Bon's that she has made
          and read a stack of
         House Beautiful magazines
        while being wooed by Coldplay.

And later that evening, when the house is serene
she can watch Life is Beautiful.

Style. Without Spending. Smart. 

xoxo Michele


Anonymous said...

How sweet! Thank you!
-Michelle (

Michele said...

You are welcome, Michelle! Love your name, BTW. Thank you for the inspiration and reminder that you can check out a variety of magazines for your entire family. And why not make a collection to go along with them? Only the library allows you to stylishly shop without spending. Now that is smart. xoxomichele

the cul-de-sac said...

Coldplay + chocolate + pretty magazines + good film = a perfect evening (although I might add a glass of wine to the mix....). I must find a way to evict my family from the house for a night so I can enjoy this collection. :)

And thanks for the tip about magazine check-out at the library. I hadn't thought of that....