Thursday, August 25, 2011

Struck by the Thunderbolt Kid

Photo Courtesy of Courier Mail

I won't hide it, I love this author and have for years.
It started with this book:

He is from Iowa. I am from Idaho, but most people get
Idaho and Iowa confused; so I claim both.
While I'm at it, I'll claim Bill as my brother. 
I can always say I confused him with my other brother, Blake.

And who could forget these beauties:

But nothing prepared me for 
what I found at the library today.

For Children! That wasn't an earthquake you felt 
on Tuesday; it was me doing hand springs all
the way home with this bad boy. Trust me,
everything is in here. Pairing Bill's sense of humor
and masterful storytelling with science is genius.
 Well, my 3rd grade daughter was walking up
 the wall again, but she didn't leave.
My 5th grader was glued on every word and picture. 

Sigh. That's my big brother Bill. From Idaho.
Have I been struck by lightning?
No. Just the library. 

Which Bill Bryson book is your favorite?

xoxo Michele


the cul-de-sac said...

Love it! What's the age range for this book, do ya think?

Natalie said...

adding all of the above to the library list. thanks! and thanks for being so funny!

Michele said...

Around 4th grade and up, I think. My daughter (3rd grade) was so-so. My 5th grader, however, LOVED the humor and is enjoying the subject matter. Bryson for young people - my world just got a whole lot brighter!

xoxo michele

MaryB said...

I remember taking A Walk in the Woods on a church women's camping trip and spooking them by reading about bear attacks. Love Bill Bryson's books. I have never shared with kids before though - great idea. Another super family friendly story spinner is Stuart McLean and his stories from the Vinyl Cafe - funny and often poignant.

MaryB said...

I remember taking A Walk in the Woods on a women's camping trip and spooking them by reading the part about bears in the woods. Very funny. I love Bryson's books. Another family friendly author is Stuart McLean and his hilarious & poignant books of Vinyl Cafe stories, about the adventures of Dave & Morley and their kids Sam and Stephanie.

Jennifer said...

Oh! this book *is* great--and all of his! I love A Walk in the Woods. I'll say it again: I love your blog.....

theelfqueen said...

I've read A Walk in the Woods but nothing else by your dear brother Bill. Will be exploring.

Pam said...

Thanks for the heads up on this new book. Oh, how could I ever pick just one favorite of his. But if I was forced to, I think The Thunderbolt Kid. My husband is on his third time through listening to At Home. It is just so chocked full of interesting facts.

Michele said...

Hi Mary - Thank you for such kind comments - I am putting Stuart McLean on my list - so exciting!!!

Thank you, Jennifer - your love of my blog made my day!! ;)

Sweet ElfQueen - thank you for appreciating my humor! xoxom

Pam - I am with you, it is hard to choose because each book is different subject matter. Love them all equally yet differently - like children! ;)

xoxo michele