Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spain and the Little Fish

Watch: Magnificent Voyage 
Listen: Ottmar Liebert
Cook: Foods of Spain
Read: Building on Nature

While on our beach holiday with family last month,
we spent the week with an extraordinary 
exchange student named Sarah
that was staying with our precious nieces.
She's sixteen, from Spain, and super-sweetie-smart.
Our children were smitten, 
especially our youngest boy. 
She nick-named him Little Fish.
And stole his heart. 

He misses her. So we picked up a 
beautifully balanced collection from the library
that helps him understand more about her
country, culture, music and daily fare. 

We have fallen head over heels for 
nature-loving architect, Antoni Gaudi. 

Photos from Barcelona Tourism

His La Sagrada Familia Basilica (Church of the Holy Family)
 was built in 1882 and is still under construction.
We have read the book each night for a week,
and are swept up in his ability to design
park benches that resemble snakes,
walls that parallel trees of leaves
and creatures in his columns.  

You'll want to pick this up for you.
Read: Gaudi The Man and His Work

We listen to Ottmar Liebert (more swooning, friends)
while making simple flat bread, fish, rice and peas.
Christopher Columbus is just as the title describes - magnificent.

The library offers educational, inspirational beauty.
And has brought our Little Fish
a tiny bit closer to Sweet Sarah from Spain.
Rumor has it she'll be back for Christmas.

xoxo Michele


Natalie said...

That architecture! Amazing! Thanks again for such great suggestions. Just went to the library yesterday. Perhaps another trip is needed today... ;)

Michele said...

You sound like me, Natalie! Isn't that just like the library, you pick out media to comfort your child and end up being inspired. Sigh. So many books, so little time..... ;)

xoxo michele

Kerry Rossow said...

May I just say that I LOVE this blog?!? It's like a smart phone- but a "smart blog"!
Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

Michele said...

Thank you, Kerry! I so needed to hear that - you are a dear!!

xoxo michele