Monday, August 1, 2011

Ready Set Go

Summer, your visit is ending too soon.
The first day of school is fast approaching.
Are you ready?
Are they?

The library can help the entire family prepare
whether they are heading back to traditional classes
or being home-schooled.
Click here for more information.
Don't let the name Kindergarten fool you ~ all elementary ages benefit.

Based on their recommendations for August,
I put together our favorite back to school collection:
click on the links below the collection 
and you will be magically transported directly to the library. 
Watch: Schoolhouse Rock
Listen: Chicken & ABC's
Prepare: Lunch Boxes and Snacks
Read: This Little Piggy's Book of Manners

Manners is the hot topic this month. For every age.
Even me. 
Sometimes I am a crabby, sissy-britches, wail-missy 
bossy-bratty-blue-jeans mom. And wife. 
Can you believe it? Show up unannounced 
(especially before my coffee and shower)
and you are likely to meet her.

Our oldest is starting 5th grade this year. We are loving this book:
50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know
Our daughter listens as intently as
our son(s). It is that awesome.

For younger children pick up these:
 A Little Book of Manners for Boys
A Little Book of Manners for Young Ladies

While on the topic of manners, here are some
of our favorite read alouds:
Bread and Jam for Frances (fave of mine since childhood)
The Pain and the Great One (must read)
Being a Good Citizen (great for every age, hint: me)
Noisy Nora (only complaint is the word "dumb" -  we substitute
with the word "noisy" ~ then I love this book again. and again. and again.)
All the Ramona Books.

For my older two children, these are our faves:
Thanks A Lot, Emily Post (fun history lesson for the kids)
The Hundred Dresses (must read for everyone)
A Year of Miss Agnes (I cry when it ends. I love you, Miss Agnes.)
Miss Rumphius (inspiring, beautiful story)

They also offer a monthly activity, which we L.O.V.E.
We made a stack of cards and put names of everyone
we could think of that we come into contact
with on a regular (or not) basis during the school year. 
Include people such as the crossing guard, classmates
police men, principal, teachers, neighbors,
lunch lovelies, custodians, office staff, etc. 
Don't forget your librarians
Place the pile face down.
At dinner, we take turns picking a card
and the person on our left has to say something
in a kind way, by asking please or thank you.
Nick chose the crossing guard - my daughter was to his
left and said "Mr. John, thank you for watching out for us every
day. We feel safe because you are here." 
It makes for great role playing scenarios and gives the children
additional confidence when speaking to people.
Often times, it is hilarious. And believe me, we need laughs.

To visit the Get Set 4 K page, click here

Online activities are also available! Visit the Book Hive

for book lists, coloring pages, quizzes, book plates
and more. Listen to a story. Create your own book!
The library gets an A+ from me.

Now if I could get them to do all my 
back to shopping....sigh. 
Manners, Michele.
Remember your manners while fighting the crowds 
at Target for the last Phineas and Ferb notebook. 

How do you get ready for the new school year?

xoxo Michele


Heather said...

Books of manners! We can definitely use some of those around here! the new header.

Anonymous said...

Wait, Target had P&F NOTEBOOKS?????? All I found were some puzzles and a half-empty package of pencils.

So depressed now. :)

Michele said...

Thank you, Heather. Only a few more weeks til the end of all things summer, even though it will still be hot here through October.

Anon, don't cha dislike that Targets differ in what they carry - we are in the middle of two Targets and I prefer one over the other because they don't carry the same things. Makes me scratch my head sometimes.... xoxo michele

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

Miss Rumphius is one of my all-time favorites!!! We also liked to read Karen Santorum's book "Everyday Graces." when my kids were younger. I've noticed several rude kids, lately- praying mine don't appear that way!

{darlene} said...

GREAT LIST!!!! Bookmarking this one!