Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Pursuit

When my favorite Cul-De-Sac recommended this book
I put it on hold immediately at our local library.
She offers wise council ~ please visit her suggestions.
While picking it up, I ran into an esteemed neighbor
that also endorsed it enthusiastically. 
That night, curled up on our living room sofa,
 we read it as a family.

(Translated: our oldest son is sitting next to me
hanging on every word; our daughter is
upside down doing handstands up the wall; our
youngest is trying to hide his DSi under the blanket.
Hubby is thrilled that the subject is American History
 and not sewing or makeup or the ancient art of basket-weaving.) 

It takes you on a magical journey through a 
collection of Maira Kalman's spectacular paintings and
personal observations of historical and current mavericks
of freedom.
Brimming with witty humor, you feel wiser
and yet, somehow unsettled in not knowing more about 
the places, the people and their passionate pursuit 
of life, liberty and happiness.

 I love books that encourage contemplation;
and that make you want to run right over to the library
and check out more books. At 11:00 pm in your jammies.

Great books initiate a never ending pursuit of knowledge.

This book was meant to be shared.
Read Aloud.
Especially with family and friends.

Yes, on occasion my hubby and I take separate sides of issues.
Sometimes because we disagree; other times because we want
to encourage debate within the sanctuary of our family.

Turn off the TV (not forever! We love TV).
Talk to each other.
Learn and grow.
That is how history comes alive.
And new ideas are born.

We need books that dare us to dream, 

dare I say it?  even to disagree

and to pursue conversations about ideas. 

To share this history with our children,
to shine a living light on the courageous
men and women of liberty

~ though they had(have) their faults ~

and to continue that great
conversation of hope 
for the next generation
is a celebration of the highest order.

As Maira so beautifully said: 
History. Hope. What was was. Live and Learn.

The fact that we can freely pursue this knowledge
at our local library (thank you, Ben!) brings me happiness.

xoxo Michele 


Marina said...

I didn't join library since I moved to new city.. I have to do that! This book really sounds good!

the cul-de-sac said...

What a beautiful review! (and a sweet mention!) I am so glad you loved the book. I love that you said "Great books initiate a never ending pursuit of knowledge" -- I can't count how many books have inspired me to read more books to follow up on particular subjects. Isn't it wonderful?

Michele said...

Hi Marina - thank you for the kind comment and hope to encourage you to either go online and sign up or even better, head down to your local library branch and meet the librarians - our lives would be less beautiful without them!

Thank you, my fave Cul-De-Sac for the recommendation ~ can you tell we loved it? My son has asked so many questions because of it that has led to more books (and of course, our fave mini-series, John Adams). And we enjoy discussing and contemplating her observations about various people and subject matter - love it. love it. love it.

xoxo michele

Beverly Swanson said...

So excited! Just checked it out. Your review is so good I MUST read it.

Michele said...

I love you, Bev! I'm sure you will enjoy this read.

xoxo michele