Thursday, August 4, 2011

Delivery Date

It's my birthday! I'm taking a holiday for a few days.

Wanted to thank all of you that have sent traffic my way,
 in alphabetical order:

First and foremost: 
 Beverly, Cristina, Ellen, Martha, and Rosie from our local library. 

Thank you to all of my dedicated followers and active correspondents: 

 (Haven't forgotten you Natalie!
Working on an Alaskan post.)
The Cul-De-Sac

Your kindness and encouragement has been
a sweet birthday gift to me!

Special thanks to the local library for allowing me to bring
my Beautifully Balanced Collections into your magic kingdom.

And to renowned author Margaret Atwood
for your love of libraries
and retweeting my Library Posters.
You are sweet inspiration.

To see my Beautifully Balanced Collection
inspired by her, click here.

Currently reading: Every Day by the Sun by
William Faulkner's niece, Dean Faulkner Wells. 

Have you wanted to read WF but didn't know where to start?
Forced to read him in HS or college and didn't get it? (my hand is raised high and waving)
Just want a great read? 
Start here
A gifted local librarian, Rosie, recommended it.
 Absolutely love it. Love you, Rosie.

I will be back on Monday. 

How do you celebrate your birthday?

xoxo Michele


Pam said...

Wishing you a happy happy birthday. I hope your day includes something sweet.

How do I celebrate my birthday? Typically my husband takes the day off and we try to do something outside. Being February in NH it usually involves dressing warm and snowshoes. And then he cooks me a wonderful dinner.

the cul-de-sac said...

Happy, happy birthday! Your blog enriches my daily reading and inspires me to read (and listen, and watch, and cook...) more. Thank you!

(And I love your Faulkner plug. My junior thesis focused on the new south v. old south themes in The Sound and the Fury. But that was 20+ years ago. Must re-read Faulkner. Soon.)

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

Happy birthday! Thank you for the mention! Enjoy your birthday week!

Natalie said...

Yay! So excited. (assuming you mean me, not Angie. ;) Always excited to see what wonderful collection you will come up with next. Thanks for such a great resource. Have a fun birthday weekend!

Michele said...

Thank you, Pam! Sounds like a great way to spend the day - and we haven't been to NH since our wedding days (we married in Newport, RI) but want to go back soon. Are you far from Hanover, NH? One of my fave authors, Bill Bryson, lives there.

Thank you for all the well wishes and encouragement, my fave Cul-De-Sac! The husband I babysit for teaches English Lit and has all the Faulkner books and talks about him quite often as a must read, so when a dear librarian recommended this I started reading it immediately (right in the middle of other reads - do you ever do that?) and can't put it down. But have to re-read certain parts to keep the families straight. So much history. So much drama. Why do some families have all the drama??

Thank you, Trish!!

And thank you, Natalie-not-Angie!!! ;) You remind me of a dear friend Angie from home.

xoxo michele

Heather said...

Happy happy birthday! Hope it's a lovely weekend. I have that book about the Faulkners on my to read list...even checked it out, but didn't get to it. I'll have to move it up a few notches on the list!

kats_sis said...

You inspire me!!! It was so great to see you on Tuesday. Thank you for the mention - you are so sweet.
I am thrilled and excited to share your blog with my friends/patrons in Moore County.

Michele said...

Thank you, Heather! Hoping you are relaxing and enjoying the last days of summer. I think you'll enjoy the Faulkner book. Just finished it and ready to read it again.

Love you, Martha. You inspire me. xoxomichele

Fairfield House said...


Happy belated birthday, my blogging friend! Thank you for suggesting Every Day by the Sun. It's the next read on my list!

All the best,