Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dahl House

Read Aloud: Roald Dahl

You are probably familiar with
but I want to encourage you to read aloud 
the books above with your children. 
Two pages of his books are better
than an entire movie. I promise.

And don't forget a great read for you

You might want to read this first. 
His life reads like fiction:
 family misfortune, boarding school torment
 (which explained for me a lot of his
subject matter), and fascinating
 career paths (including that of a spy). 
  Despite it all, he was passionate
  about children learning how to read, 
                             and that inspires me. He created a
                              haven for children, out of words.
                                      A home that celebrates literacy. 
And you can find every room of the Dahl house
at the library.

xoxo Michele

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