Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Corps of Discovery

Nicholas has a handful of books 
that he asks me to re-read
This book tops that list. 
It is written from the
viewpoint of Lewis's dog, Seaman.
It is humorous. Nerve-racking. And most
important, it is history.

Each chapter begins with a 
paragraph or two from Meriweather Lewis's
journal. Then Seaman takes over, 
and he has an incredible tale to tell. 
To know my son has fallen in love
with these brave men and their courageous crew
along with Sacajawea and the Native American Indians 
would be enough; but to share in the belly laughs
as Charbonneau lets go of the rudder and almost
loses their maps and journals, or allows a buffalo
to stampede through their camp while he
should be on sentry duty brings this journey to life
for me and my son. That is priceless.
We are living history
Photo Courtesy of Nick's Grandma Cathy

The rest of this collection just reinforces the book
Nick wanted to cook something that would remind him
of Bird Woman and Pomp (although we continue our
laugh affair with Charbonneau and his "Boudin Blanc").
George Winston has me wondering if he's channeling
the spirits of Lewis and Clark. And Hal Holbrook narrates
the PBS film by Ken Burns - we never tire of this classic.  

How did we find this book?

A dedicated children's librarian named Beverly
knew my son loved books that were
narrated by dogs, and recommended Roland Smith's brilliant read. 

Your librarians can take you on a journey of discovery - just ask them.
They know the way to living history.

xoxo Michele


Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

My kids studied the Lewis and Clark expedition in school found the whole tale fascinating. They always like stories that "actually happened". BTW, is that a real, alive buffalo your son is standing beside?

Michele said...

Hi Yvonne, so glad they enjoyed it - when I was in school I didn't find it as fascinating for some reason - but I loved learning about Sacajawea. We spent an idyllic day in Cherokee, NC, this summer with Nick's grandparents and that is where the photo was taken with the buffalo. Not alive - but looked very much so when standing by it. Have a great day! xoxo michele

theelfqueen said...

Placed a hold for this for my ten year old... he's NOT super into dog books and the Battle of the Books list is packed with them, so I have some trepidation about his interest but it sounds like such fun!

Michele said...

I hope he enjoys it! I don't know if Nick would have enjoyed this book as much reading it by himself, or if my enthusiasm in reading it aloud carried over into this being one of his all time favorites. There is something about sharing history, the sound of the written words being spoken ~ we just felt like we were there and living it with them, and it stays with you. I love when that happens! xoxo michele

Jess@Balancing The Dream said...

wow!! That is a giant buffalo!!!

Kristi said...

Your photos are always so fabulous!! ; )

Michele said...

Thank you, Kristi! I drive my family crazy with it, sometimes. But they will thank me someday. ;)

xoxo michele