Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Carolina Reunion ~ Romare Bearden

Cook: Neo Soul

Oh, Romie, I vividly remember the first time I spied your book
of collages  ~ in my son's old school three years ago. 
Like a Mad Hatter, I hurriedly kissed Nick goodbye and raced
to the public library. I checked out everything they had.

On September 2nd, Charlotte, NC, will celebrate your
100th birthday by holding exhibitions at the major
museums, including an honorary exhibit by
mixed media artist Chris Watts at the Davidson College.

Our family is ready, thanks in no small part to the library. 

Have I mentioned that I babysit while my children are in school?
The parents are fabulously cool teachers
and the husband knows all the hip details
about the Harlem Renaissance period.

Like how Bearden's mom was a journalist and
moved the family from Charlotte to Harlem when Romare
was four. And how poet Langston Hughes hung out 
with the Bearden family.

And Duke Ellington was one of Bearden's first clients.
The cookbook is written by the grandson of 
Harlem's "Queen of Soul Food", Sylvia Woods.

Romare Bearden was a voracious reader. A World War II vet.
He could have played pro baseball after graduating
from NYU. He loved cats (my daughter just adores this).

Yes - my children heart Bearden. And
through this admiration they have learned about 
an important time in history. 

The library has the following reads & music for children that
make this collection even finer:

Romare Bearden: Collage of Memories
Langston Hughes: My People
Romare Bearden: L'IL Dan The Drummer Boy
Wynton Marsalis: J Mood
Zora Neale Hurston: Roy Makes a Car


Charlotte Mecklenburg Library's
will host an exhibition of 27 original
Romare Bearden illustrations 
for L'IL Dan, The Drummer Boy

Thursday, September 15th 
Saturday, November 19th.

These panels and text were discovered 20 years
after Bearden created them
and the book was published posthumously
in 2003 by Simon and Schuster.

Please visit the ImaginOn website for further details. 

This is the real power of the library - 

Be passionate today - and share it with your children.
The library rocks.
I would have said they jazz, but that didn't sound right.

xoxo Michele

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