Friday, July 29, 2011

What Do You See?

Books? Music? Uber-ginormous number ones?

I see my oldest boy.

The collection above is alive and well
and living in the heart, mind and soul of my son. 

He turns one one today (can't utter it yet, bear with me).

Great books have a way of molding you,
shaping you;
making you more than what you would be
without them.

He is a runner, space junkie, budding entomologist.
President of the NY Yankees, Jeff Gordon
and Boise State Football fan clubs (not really, but he should be).
He's down with history, geography and ocean life.
He is a math fair inventor, cartoonist and talented thespian.
Odyssey of the Mind, Boy Scouts and cooking are his hobbies.
He adores his grandparents and is at his happiest
 when surrounded by family and food.
His sense of humor is infectious.
Fiercely competitive in sports. 
Non-stop talker that lives to debate.
He would dwell beside the Salmon River near the 
Sawtooth Mountain Range in Idaho if we let him.
He loves Jesus, family, friends and neighbors with all his heart.
(for the record: I did not say all the time)
He is a prolific reader. Currently obsessed with Tintin.

Each one of these books came from the library.
Hank the Cowdog was his favorite series this year.
  Our local children's librarian, Beverly, recommended it.
We love you, Bev. 

I also have a stealth librarian that assists 
from my home computer. You can use it, too.
How adorably sweet am I?
Hello, swoonie NoveList.
With the help of this cool tool 
 plug in the info that interests you and, 
like magic, great reads appear before you.

This service costs big bucks without a library card. 
If you don't have a library card (and live in
the Charlotte, NC, area) click here.

What books do you see in your children?

In honor of Nick's birthday, please share and have
a chance to win a new copy of 
Hank the Cowdog ~ The Original Adventures #1.
Leave a comment by Sunday, 7/31 at 5 pm and I'll 
have choose two winners.
Which would make two number ones
that look a lot like the number
 I refuse to say today.

xoxo Michele    


Heather said...

Michele, you're so cute. I'd love to win! :)

Michele said...

Thank you, Heather! You may end up with two books!! xoxo michele

Molly said...

your posts always make me want to run to the library. too bad it's closed today!

when i look at my son, i see the boy version of ramona.

happy birthday nick!

Michele said...

Congrats Heather and Molly! I will be sending you a Hank the Cowdog ~ The Original Adventures #1. Just email me your addresses. xoxo michele