Thursday, July 7, 2011

We'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain...

Watch: RV
Listen: Let's Go!
Cook: S'mores

... so you'll want to move to the side because my
hubby drives as though he's racing everyone else on
the road for a million dollar prize. If he were in NASCAR,
his nickname would be the Terrorizer.
 RV is our favorite movie the night before camping. 
Let's Go! has all the summer camping classics and a lot more. 
Sadly, a lot of children today do not know these timeless melodies.
 Your young'ens will love them, and you can torture the older
ones. Which seems fun fair to me sometimes.
S'mores cookbook has been my downfall.
Banana Caramel. Stuffed Apricot. Simple Mint.
Oh, Simple Mint. I have requested you as my
date for every fire pit occasion from now through eternity. 

Lynn Reiser's Tomorrow on Rocky Pond is fantastic.
A must read for so many reasons. Mostly because of the
story she tells, and how she tells it. Time slows down. 
You read a little slower. Breathe a little easier. You'll be
making reservations at a cabin, if you haven't already.
For the adults, Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods
is perfection, whether you go camping or not.

Do you camp? What are some of your favorite
camping memories?

xoxo Michele 


{darlene} said...

my favorite camping memory was when I had to switch rooms at the Westin... and there were not enough of those down pillows in my room, so I had to call...
hee hee. just kidding.
sort of.

Michele said...

You are hilarious, Dar! Wait 'til those precious boys are in cub scouts and you have to sleep in a tent. You'll love it. Years later. ;)

Chrissy said...

Michele, this is a great blog. I love that you have it broken down into various ages as to what to read/listen to. Totally going to look for Tomorrow on Rocky Pond for my 3 yr old... Theres nothing I like more than when hes been suspiciously quiet, and I go to check on him and hes sitting on the floor reading a stack of books.

and as far as a Walk in the Woods, I just bought it for my dad. Told him I want to read it when hes done. He told me he already read it. Ha!