Friday, July 8, 2011

Vote for Pedro

Listen: Christina Perri Lovestrong

I would want this collection if I were a teen. Not just because
I'm from Idaho. Gosh! Or that in the book the mom is a blogger.
I love this collection now. And yes, I am clueless in the
kitchen. Completely clueless.

Stop by the library and pick up this collection for
your teen today. Or, if you live in the Charlotte, NC,
area, click on the links above and you'll be transported
there immediately. How awesome is that?

The library offers meaning without spending money.

xoxo Michele


Molly said...

i'm off to check out ten miles past normal!

and i was wondering, is there any chance you could frame a little selection for me? i just love how you format your recommendations, and i'd love to share a framed set of library recommendations on my blog along with a link to your great site. email me :)

Michele said...

It's a quick read, but isn't that what summer is about? I would be honored, and will email you! xoxo michele