Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Map Update 3 -- Tibet

Watch: Kundun

Our children are making great progress on the *Summer Map.
They have moved on to the region of Tibet, and we
are loving this history lesson.

*We are on vacation this week and guess who forgot to
bring pictures?? Sorry. Promise to update when we arrive
home on Sunday. 
A friend recommended Little Princes. I am
so grateful that she did.

Ages 5-8: The Stone Lion
Read Aloud: Kim

Have you read Kipling's classic, Kim? 
A beautiful read aloud for summer.
Take your children on an adventure without even leaving
the living room. Great books are magical that way.

Stone Lion is perfect for all of my kids. Our daughter
and I have been reading Daughter of the Mountains.
Our oldest loves the You Wouldn't Want to... series
and this one ties in perfectly with our map project.

You won't ever forget this movie. And my
hubby adores the music. Who knew?

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Oh, Library, thank you for enriching our lives with your treasures.
And taking us on magical adventures without ever leaving

xoxo Michele  

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