Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Muggle Struggles and Who Inspired J. K. Rowling

Listen: Morrissey

My children aren't participating in
the worldwide Harry Potter Party this Friday. 

They are Harry Potter Party Poopers.

I have tried several times to read aloud the
first book of the series to no avail. 
They get scared. 
They get fidgety. 
They have to go to the bathroom. 
And they don't come back.

Call me a fanatic, but when my children don't like
popular books (that I adore) I go to that author's source
of inspiration. Fortunately for me, J. K. Rowling has done
scores of interviews, so this collection could be entitled
Rowling's Revelation.

We puffy love I Capture the Castle. Even my boys sit (relatively) still
for this awesome heroine. And while we are discussing Rowling's
treasured authors, I must also recommend her other best-loved,
and ours:

The Wouldbegoods is our must read aloud for the family.
It is no longer in our library (insert tears now) but Amazon
has amazing deals on used copies - look for ones with
illustrations. They are perfection.

Her book begins with these words and my children
immediately feel understood and appreciated.  
They love learning new British words.
And this book leads them to wanting to read other 
classics like David Copperfield and The Jungle Book, 
to name a few. Don't you love it when books do that?
Settle in with Edith - she is flawless.

Sorry for that small diversion. Back to our collection...

My oldest son loves Monty Python (and so does Rowling)
but if this classic is questionable for your family,
substitute Time Bandits

There are so many treats in the Potter
series that I had to throw in Nigella - she is a British Goddess.
Your family will kiss you and call you Queen of the Kitchen.

Here is where I part ways with Jo - not a Morrissey fan, but I 
substitute Radiohead and all is well.

If your family will be celebrating this Friday with
other muggles, this post and this post have fun ideas
 that inspire Harry Potter creativity.

We will be having our own party this weekend, with Rowling's
inspiration as our guide.

The library - like The Great Hall in Hogwarts - is where we are fed.

 xoxo Michele


Lula said...

you know, I haven't really get in the hang of Harry Potter! I fell asleep in during the first movie and didn't get hooked with the book either. Chronicles of Narnia, however, I adore!

Morgan said...

I love this blog! In the past hour, I have requested about 20 books from the library-no kidding.