Thursday, July 21, 2011

Graphic Greatness

Watch: Iron Man
Listen: Linkin Park

Summer is made for graphic novels. I remember spending
entire afternoons under tents made out of bed-sheets in
my room reading. And dreaming of heroes.
Especially when the tent would come crashing down
and I'd be bombarded with ten pound encyclopedias.
With the movie hitting the theatres, this would be a great
time to pick up some graphic novels at the library 
and rediscover the genius of Stan Lee.

 If Marvel isn't for you or your children's taste, the library has
a diverse collection of graphic novels that now include
and my fave: Odyssey and Iliad. I will be doing a post 
on the Greek classics soon. Much swooning - promise.
Recipes from your favorite restaurants at home. The
kids love going through and finding their favorite 
(usually has something to do with chicken or fish)
and helping prepare it. Win for everyone.

Robert Downey Jr. is a staple in my beauty diet. Glad I 
don't have to force him on my family, like brussel sprouts.
He is more like cherry tomatoes or a 
green goddess greek yogurt and honey smoothie.
Linkin Park rocks. Their new CD has the theme song for 
Transformers 3, so I was thrilled when the library had it in 
house. You can hear them here

The library - graphically gorgeous.

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xoxo Michele


Molly said...

i've never seen the boxcar children graphic novel! i'll have to see if our library has it. also looking forward to greek myth post - we're big fans here.

Boris said...

I love the premise of your blog! About a year or two ago, I started going to the library with my, now, five and a half year old. We usually come out with ten to fifteen books/graphic novels and four dvds (most are children's shows and movies). Never thought of looking at the music/CD section. Thanks!

Michele said...

They are fantastic, Molly. I am nutty for all things greek history.

Thank you so much for the fb, Boris! That is the beauty of the library - so many different beautiful medias, so little time....

xoxo michele