Monday, July 25, 2011

Grand Slam Giveaway Winner Darlene from Fieldstone Hill !
Have you seen her design boards?
Her artwork?
Her home?
Her family?

She inspires is beauty.

xoxo Michele


{darlene} said...

honestly???? You are too sweet to me. One of these days I am gonna get to hug that sweet neck of yours!
Thank you for your kind words. So excited about the scoreboard for my boys! now, I need to get out to a ballgame!

the cul-de-sac said...

I'm just loving the pictures of the kids running through the water. What beautiful childhood moments and memories!

(Although I admit I hear Vaneglis in my head everytime I see groups of people, wearing white, running on a beach... I have my own little read/watch/listen/cook collection inspired by Chariots of Fire that I might have to share with you sometime. :)

Michele said...

Yes - please share!! Would love to add it to my "inspired by" and feature you. xoxo michele