Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Excessively Diverted

Watch: BBC's Pride and Prejudice

My daughter asked for a tea party, and it made me think of
Lizzie Bennet. Last week, the amazing Katy Elliot featured 
these books on her blog and I couldn't find any of them at
my local library, and that reminded me of Mr. Darcy. My son wanted
to know why we don't have a flower garden, and that ruffled my pride. 
Just a little. Do I have Jane Austen on the brain, or do I have 
Jane Austen on the brain? 

No one does it better than the BBC. Dare you not to
watch the whole thing in one sitting! Or to be inspired 
by the gardens. Thank you, library, for giving such beauty
without requiring bank.

xoxo Michele

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katy elliott said...

Thanks for the shout out Michele!