Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Curious Gazer

We read everywhere. 
Even during s'mores and hot dogs 
around the fire-pit. You may know H. A. Rey 
is synonymous with Curious George,
{and we heart CG}, 
but this book 
- hands down - 
is one of his best. 

It has made all of us Curious Gazers.

And wouldn't you know, the library has it.

Want to add some more fun? Download your own Star Finder.

xoxo Michele


Lula said...


the cul-de-sac said...

Love this collection! And thank you for the H.A. Rey recommendation. I am going in search of that book tomorrow!

Michele said...

He loved the stars - I daresay it was his true passion. And it comes out in this book. xoxo michele