Friday, July 15, 2011

Authors That Inspire Action

I heart David McCullough because he loves people.
The people he is writing about, and the people
that are reading his books. He makes history
beautiful ~ he "paints with words".
And he has inspired our family to visit all sorts
of historical places, including Fort Dobbs, pictured above.
The library has 26 of his books; pick one and start
reading aloud to your children today. Or choose
one of his audio books and swoon listen as he tells
you a historical love story.

Henri Fabre is known as the Father of Entomology. But
you don't have to heart insects to fall head over heals
in love with this man. Start with Children of Summer, and
if your family asks for more - buy the books above.
Our 10 year old sets traps in the backyard and his insect
stockpile has taken over our freezer. I often wonder if
we have eaten some of his collection (for the record, my
family knows that I am a disaster in the kitchen, but
they keep insisting I cook for them). 

I have picked up more tips and tricks from Rafe than
can be counted. Check out his books today, but
you will want to add them to your permanent home library.

This was one of our favorite family reads when
the children were very young. It inspired our
oldest son to make the above map when he was
in the 1st grade. 

The library is filled with authors that inspire action.
Who has inspired you?

xoxo Michele

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crispina said...

I love your recommendations, I'm a big fan of your blog. Thank you!!