Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Streaking...

Do you read aloud to your children?
 Your spouse?
{Hmm. Your dog?}

I do all of the above. 
And more. 

Alice Ozma inspires me. 
Her father amazes me.
His selfless dedication as a elementary school librarian alone
would be enough to impress a saint. But what he accomplishes 
with his daughter makes him my hero. 

Her father started reading to her every night from 4th grade until her first night away from home at college. 

You can read about starting your own Reading Streak here:

Would you give streaking a try?

What are some of the obstacles 
preventing daily reading?

xoxo Michele

1 comment:

Shelley. said...

One of my favorite books of all time. Alice is awesome. And how could you not love her dad? The book was a birthday gift from a friend -- one of the best gifts ever.