Thursday, June 30, 2011


When my daughter pulled Blockhead off the library shelf
I was skeptical. Lets just say Math and I dated for a while
but it didn't work out. He was always right, I was always
wrong, who needs that aggravation?

But Fibonacci came home with us
and changed our lives.
We see his sequence daily. 
Upside down.
Objects once regarded as ordinary became

Our daughter's math fair project. Her teacher was so 
impressed she requested the book as part of her permanent
collection. Her previous teacher caught wind and 
asked for a class instruction as well. 
Our daughter potential teacher was happy to oblige.

The perfect summer read - learning about math
while surrounded by the mysteries of nature.

And Fibonacci is a perfect gentleman.
After all, he was called a blockhead.

Great books inspire.
And the library has a lot of great books.

xoxo Michele

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